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In September 2014 APPEA will hold an inaugrual Health, Safety & Environment Conference (HSE) which combines the APPEA Safety and Environment Conferences to create one overaching event. Visit for further information.


The 2011 APPEA National Environment Conference was held on 7 - 9 November 2011.  Proceedings have now been made available to registered delegates.

If you attended the conference but have not received an email about proceedings please contact Casey topp This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download the Final program and a manual registration brochure by clicking clicking here.

The following companies exhibited at the 2011 Environment Conference

Dupont Australia

Golder Associates Pty Ltd

National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority (NOPSA)

Pacific Environment Limited


RPS Environment & Planning




The APPEA Environment Conference 2011 will highlight the environmental issues and opportunities facing the oil and gas industry in Australia as it moves into an unprecedented era of growth. The conference will include presentations on new processes, policies and technology innovations that are allowing the industry to further improve its environmental performance.

The conference will also provide essential updates from governments and the latest science on improving understanding of how the industry interacts with the environment and how to better reduce the environmental impacts of the industry.

The APPEA Environment Conference presents a great opportunity to share information, find out about what is happening in the industry, and understand the implications of new government policies on industry operations. It also provides an opportunity to network with others in the industry, government representatives and non-government organisations.

The Conference Steering Committee is keen to hear from you if you have a presentation on a new innovation, approach or policy and is particularly seeking presentations on:

  • Latest environmental monitoring and research with implications for the industry
  • Environmental law updates — both new legislation and case law precedents
  • Quarantine management — biofouling, ballast water and onshore issues
  • New trends in exploration and development and their environmental implications
  • Serious incident response planning
  • Greenhouse and particularly low cost emission reduction solutions
  • Coal seam gas environmental impact assessment, planning, and implications
  • Approaches to decommissioning
  • Innovative uses of environmental offsets
  • Water management solutions for onshore and offshore operations
  • Successful community engagement outcomes
  • Working successfully with the fishing industry
  • Marine planning processes
  • Indigenous relationships and cultural heritage management approaches.

The conference is open to all in the industry, governments and its stakeholders seeking to work constructively to understand and improve on the industries environmental outcomes, including:

  • Industry professionals with an interest in environmental management
  • Environmental researchers and professionals
  • Government policy makers and regulators
  • Non-government organisations and environment representatives
  • Anyone with an interest in the sustainable development and prosperity of Australia.

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